Kingston Business Photographer | Sarah Rouleau Photography | Dog Care Kingston

Did you know that I also do business photography? Well I do! And last summer I had the great pleasure of photography Megan for her dog walking company Dog Care Kingston. It was a dream shoot for me as you can imagine with all of these beautiful furballs enjoying a perfect summer night.

Megan is beyond great with these dogs and I was so impressed at how well they all listened to her. She is truly the leader of the pack. She has a stunning property that she uses for her walks where the dogs can run off leash and play together in the sprawling fields. Her partner/sister Rebecca joined us for this walk and helped wrangle dogs while Megan and I did individual portraits of each dog.

If you have a dog that’s home alone all day, and who would enjoy the exercise and companionship… Megan is your girl! Check out her site here

If you would like to have photos taken to add to your business’s website… then I’m your girl!

Dog Care Kingston-10

Dog Care Kingston-14

Dog Care Kingston-19Dog Care Kingston-49

Dog Care Kingston-67

Dog Care Kingston-71

Dog Care Kingston-73Dog Care Kingston-87

Dog Care Kingston-101

Dog Care Kingston-106

Dog Care Kingston-107

Dog Care Kingston-137

Dog Care Kingston-142

Dog Care Kingston-155

Dog Care Kingston-172

Dog Care Kingston-182

Dog Care Kingston-201

Dog Care Kingston-210

Dog Care Kingston-212

Dog Care Kingston-244

Dog Care Kingston-249

Dog Care Kingston-259

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