Thank you for the escape from my life … Now bring on 2017!

Each year for the past 7 years I’ve blogged a thank you letter to all of my clients for trusting me with their most precious memories, whether it was their wedding day, their engagement photos, wedding proposal, family reunions or welcoming a new baby into the family.

This year is different. This year I want to thank everyone that I photographed for the escape that you gave me from my real life.

In 2016, our family suffered a terrible loss. My husband lost his brother, my sons lost their uncle, my mother and father in law lost her son, my sister in law her brother… I lost my brother in law. I felt like my loss was last on the list. I was too concerned with trying to comfort my husband who didn’t know how to share his grief with me. I was consoling my children who had never experienced loss before. I was supporting my mother in law in any way that I could, even if was just listening to her tears turn from sadness to anger and then back to sadness. I kept my grief inside. I loved him dearly, and I miss him terribly, but I didn’t feel like my pain compared to everyone else’s, so I kept it to myself. I kept my own sorrow inside and grieved privately so that I could be strong for everyone else.

You’d think that I might crack up from keeping everything inside, but I didn’t. I had an escape from my life. I jumped into the happiest days of others lives just by being there with a camera. I shared the joy of each couple as they became husband and wife. My heart melted every time a new mom and dad looked at their newborn son or daughter with that look that only new parents have. I was excited for couples as they told me about the proposal and felt their anticipation as they planned the biggest day of their lives. I reminisced with parents as they realized how much their kids had grown since with last Christmas card photo.

Each time I was lucky enough to document a special moment, I was also granted moments or sometimes hours of relief from what was the hardest year of my life. So for that, I thank each and everyone of you . Thank you for sharing the happiest days of your lives with me, and for allowing me to join you in your bliss.

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings. I can’t to meet lots of new people, and to share in their joy! Bring on 2017!!



















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