Kingston Wedding Photographer | Sarah Rouleau Photography | Thank you for an incredible 2015!!

2015 was an incredible year for Sarah Rouleau Photography and for me (we are one and the same).  I had the privilege of working with so many amazing couples, and was able to join them on one of the most magical days of their lives.  In February I shot my 100th wedding, a big milestone in this world where it seems that a new “photographer” is popping up on Facebook or Kijiji every day.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think of all the beautiful weddings I’ve been able to document, all the touching moments that I’ve witnessed and all the loving couples who have been brave enough to show their true selves in front of my camera.   I met wonderful families and friends of the brides and grooms along the way, worked with awesome vendors who work as hard as I do to make the couple’s day everything that they’ve ever dreamed of.  I shared my photographer job with some amazing photog ladies, Lana, Maria and Sandra, who all made it appear as though I could be in two places at once.

Instead of sharing a “Best of” group of photos, I’ve gathered my favourite photo from each couple’s special day.  I’m not celebrating my photography… I’m celebrating these incredible couples who trusted these most precious memories to me.  I always end my wedding posts by thanking the couple for trusting their day to me, and I truly mean it.  I know that you can’t do it over again, and that the day is over before you know it.  I’m the one capturing the moments, creating a time capsule of their wedding day and I truly do understand what an important job it is and I’m honoured each and every time I do it.  Thank you everyone who helped make 2015 so amazing and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to offer!

Adele and Landon-539

Amanda and Blair-337

Ashley and Brian-294

Ashley and Scott-423

Brittany and Trevor-395

Carrie and Duncan-231

Chelsea and Joe-62

Colleen and Denis-157

Dannielle and Mike-395

Elaine and Alasdair-375

Hailey and Chris-317

Jamie and Jason-211

Jennifer and Alasdair-315

Katie and Chris-394

Kelly and Luke-819

Krista and Josh-390

Megan and Dan-305

Paige and Ryan-118

Sara and Chris-379

Sara and Dan-174

Sara and Glen-161

Sarah and Nevin-346

Sherri and Charles-394

Steph and Luc-65


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