The Gable Family!!

I’ve known Leeann since I was 18 years old, and sneaking into Stages!! I’ve known Noah since he was born and actually lived with him and Leeann during Noah’s when he was just a baby, till just after he turned 1. It’s mind blowing to me that I’m now posting pictures of this teenage boy holding his beautiful baby sister. But that’s what I’m doing today! I’ve been after Leeann to do family photos for years but she’s just not a picture person (or so she says, she gorgeous!) Finally, she let me repay all the favours that I owe her, and we got together with her husband Sean to do a family portrait. I have to say it was the quickest shoot I’ve ever done, lasting only about 15, at the most. I feel like it was just last week that I was posting newborn pictures of Taryn, and now I’m posting pictures of her at four months old! Time flies, so take lots of pictures!! Document everything because before you know it, that little one year will be 14 years old!


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