Janette and Davin are Engaged!!

Janette and Davin were going to do their engagement shoot at Lemoine’s Point, not just for the scenery, but because it’s a place that they do spend a lot of time together taking walks. But at the last minute, the day before the shoot, Janette changed the location to her family’s property near Harrowsmith. And I’m so glad she did because the area was beautiful!! There was so much variety, corn fields, wooden fences, a stream and a new picture everywhere I looked. Janette’s father Mo drove us deep into the woods, to these amazing fields, and beautiful water. Even though there were dead, broken trees all around, it was still beautiful and interesting! You probably can’t tell by the photos, but it was actually a really cold the day when we shot these, and Davin was such a gentleman, braved the elements and let Janette and I ride inside the truck with Mo, while he nearly froze in the back! Thank you Davin! Mo was so accommodating and was so patient to wait for us till we got the perfect shot. Later he showed me a beautiful home that he is helping his son build and it’s just amazing! It’s obvious from these photos, and the time that I spent with everyone that this is a wonderful, loving family and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next summer. Enjoy your sneak peeks!


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