Kristen and Evan are Engaged!!

Kristen and Evan’s engagement shoot was one of the many that had to be rescheduled this fall because of all of the rain. Luckily, we found a semi-sunny, dry day to take a walk around Queen’s Campus where Kristen and Evan are both students, and were able to get really great shots. Queen’s has the most beautiful coloured leaves and vines that decorate the historical buildings. You couldn’t ask for a nicer backdrop. We took a stroll over to the old entrance to KGH to where Evan is a currently doing his residency, and got the perfect souvenir from where Evan’s medical career started. Then we went to Lake Ontario Park. I forgot how much I loved it there, with the water and trees, and old buildings. Kristen and Evan are getting married in Banff next year, but they wanted to do their engagement photos here in beautiful Kingston because this is where they’ve spent their time engaged together. These photos will be heirlooms that they’ll show their grandchildren someday, of where Grandma and Grandpa fell in love. Congratulations to you both, and enjoy your sneak peeks!


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