The Kahlen Family!!!

I’m always so happy to have the opportunity to photograph a family year after year. I love seeing how much the kids have grown and how the family has changed. And the Kahlen family is no different. I shot family portraits of them last year, and even thought I saw them frequently throughout the summer at soccer, I was still really surprised to see how big they’d gotten! Lucas, Noah and Jacob have each grown so much bigger since last year. They are really fun little guys! Just like most boys I know, they love fart jokes, teasing each other, and making funny faces. Their mom and dad, Jan and Jennifer as so loving towards them and especially towards each other. It’s not often that I see a parents look at each other the way that they do. It’s lovely to see! We did their shoot at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area, and it was filled with birds to feed and trees to climb. It’s an honour to give families these souvenirs in the form of photographs to help them cherish these precious growing years forever. I can’t wait till next year!! Enjoy your sneak peeks, Kahlen Family!!!


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