Samaria and Tyler are Engaged!!!!

On their very first date, Tyler took Samaria to a beautiful spot on the water, along Front Road, and that is where he returned with her to do his engagement pictures. I love when couples choose a location that has special meaning to them. In years to come, when they show these pictures to their children and grandchildren, they’ll remember their first date AND the time before their wedding where they were planning the rest of their lives together. They are a sweet couple who were constantly in fits of laughter, which was almost always initiated by Samaria. This shoot might have been a little awkward for Tyler because I am his Aunt Sarah, and I’ve known him since he was around 9 years old, but it was really extraordinary for me because I feel so honoured that they’ve trusted me with such an important part of their special day. I can’t wait shoot their wedding next summer, and be witness to Tyler becoming the wonderful husband to Samaria that I know he’ll be. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your sneak peeks!!


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