Courtney and Sean are Married!!

Courtney and Sean’s wedding day was beautiful from start to finish. It was filled with so many personal details. They put a lot of effort into every little aspect of their day. There were the small details like how the very creative Courtney made personalized hangers for each of the girls in her wedding party, and her bouquet that had several unique tokens that had a very special meaning to Courtney, and was her way of including those who couldn’t be present for her wedding day. And it wasn’t just the little things that had their own personal touches added. The biggest part of their day, the actual wedding ceremony was unique in the fact that Sean’s dad performed it, and each member of the wedding party had their own passage to recite in a very emotional reading that Courtney and Sean handpicked as part of their wedding ceremony. Even their reception has personal touches with a very funny Jeopardy style kissing game, right down to the centerpieces that included photos from Courtney and Sean’s engagement shoot, and each table had its own mini wedding cake! It was a beautiful day for a wonderful couple and I’m honoured that I was included. Courtney and Sean, welcome back from your honeymoon in Ireland! Enjoy your sneak peeks!
Reception Decorating: Party Spectacular


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