Dawn and Brian are Married!!!

Dawn and Brian will stand out in my memory for some many reasons. First, for the incredibly bad weather the morning of the wedding, and then the amazing change in weather that actually brought out sunshine! I, like most wedding photographers, thought my streak of sunny Saturdays had run its course and my luck had run out, but I was wrong and the sun came out and we were able to get some great outside shots, as well as some sunset shots!! Another reason it stands out is because Dawn and Brian opted for a “first look” before the ceremony which makes for such an intimate and special moment between the couple and a very smooth day, without rushing, and leaving lots of time for them to spend with their guests. After so many weddings, I’ve seen so many different “get the couple to kiss” games at receptions, but Dawn and Brian’s was so unique! They gave each table a Lego set and the table had to build their kit and then present it to Dawn and Brian and then they were rewarded with the couple kissing. But to make things a little tricky, the newlyweds removed a couple pieces from each set and put them into other kits, so the guests got up from their tables in search of their missing pieces, and as a result mingled and met new people as these two families became one. Finally, it’s a very special and memorable wedding for me because it was a milestone in my career as a photographer. It was the 50th wedding I’ve shot in just three short years. I’ve been so lucky to work with so many amazing couples, and to have the support and patience of my family and friends. It was a great day, and knowing that rain brings good luck on a wedding day, Dawn and Brian had lots of luck poured onto their special day, and it will continue as they begin this new chapter in their life. Congrats to Dawn and Brian! Enjoy your sneak peeks from the beaches of Jamaica!!

Hair: James Brett Coiffure & Aesthetics & Spa http://www.jamesbrettcoiffure.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Makeup Sarah Fairbairn – Makeup Artist http://www.sarahfairbairn.ca/
Event Planner: Maegen Black
Venue: Island Queen – Kingston 1000 Island Cruises http://www.1000islandscruises.on.ca/
Wedding Cake & Cupcakes: Baby Cakes by Amy http://www.babycakeskingston.com/
Flowers: In Bloom Floral and Home Décor http://www.inbloomkingston.com/


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