Davelynn and Rob are Married!!!

On the day of Davelynn and Rob’s wedding there was a forecast of thunderstorms all afternoon. I was a little worried, but luckily the day turned out to be perfect!! It was an emotional day, in so many ways. First Davelynn and Rob had a great ceremony in Currie Hall at RMC, followed by a wonderful reception at Fort Frontenac. The night was filled with lots of laughter from their amazing emcee, Liz, the most eloquent best man speech that I’ve ever heard from Shawn, many, many jokes and jabs at the easy going groom, Rob, a very emotional speech from the maid of honour Katryna, and a speech from the groom standing on the head table, a first for me! Davelynn’s dance with her father was hilarious, who seemed to be in on their own private joke. It was a great day and night, and a really sweet couple had an extraordinary start to their new life together. Congratulations Davelynn and Rob! Enjoy your sneak peeks!


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