Lesley and Ryan are Married!!!

I think every wedding photographer would cringe when they wake up to see a huge red lightning bolt covering the weather app logo on their Blackberry. Of course, I am no different, and I was terrified that the severe thunderstorm warning that was projected for the day of Lesley and Ryan’s wedding would affect their day and their pictures. But the day turned out to be perfect in every way! There were blue skis as far as the eye could see and Lesley and Ryan got the day they had planned so long for. They opted to do a “First Look” instead of pictures in between the ceremony and the reception. I’m a huge fan of the “First Look” even though it strays from tradition of the groom not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle. When the couple opts for a “First Look” scenario it takes so much stress out of the day. The couple gets to see each other before the ceremony, which takes all the pressure off of the bride while she is walking down the aisle. The groom gets to see his beautiful bride for the first time in her dress in private instead of in front of all of their guests, and they get to spend some quality time together before the chaos of their day begins. It’s the only chance they really get to spend alone (except for me and my camera, but I keep my distance) during the entire day. It also takes away that rush to get all those pictures done before the reception starts and alleviates the fears of leaving their guests waiting for them at the reception site. It’s obvious that I love it for so many reasons, so I was so excited that Lesley and Ryan decided to do this on their big day. Their day was beautiful in so many ways and had personal touches including the canes that Ryan handmade for each of his groomsman. They had a beautiful ceremony at the Church of the Good Thief, followed by a stop at Reid’s Dairy for some much needed ice cream. Their guests enjoyed a wonderful reception at Ban Righ Hall at Queen’s. Lesley and Ryan are a sweet couple and I’m so glad I was there to capture these great moments from their special day. Enjoy your sneak peeks and congratulations to you both!!
Flowers: L.S.P. Designs http://www.lspdesigns.com/
Ceremony: Church of the Good Thief http://www.goodthiefchurch.ca/
Reception: Ban Righ Hall, Queen’s http://eventservices.queensu.ca/2/banrighcourtyard.asp


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