Joannah and Josh’s Winter Wedding!

In February, I had the pleasure of travelling to Newfoundland for the first time! And to make my trip even better, I also got to do my favourite thing, shoot a wedding!!! It was Joannah and Josh’s beautiful winter wedding. The funny thing is… we all live in Ontario! Joannah and Josh are students at Western University in London, and I of course, live in Kingston. But Joannah’s family lives in Newfoundland and she really wanted a Newfoundland winter wedding. There wasn’t much snow and it rained for days before the wedding, but luckily when the big day came along, we found some snow left right in Joannah’s parent’s backyard! After stumbling through the crunching, sinking, snow, we went to down to the water, and all I can say is “it was COLD!” But Joannah and Josh and their wedding party were all troopers. They all took off their coats and blankets, and braved the cold, resulting in some really great shots. You’d never think it was freezing when you look at the photos, but trust me, it was! I was freezing and I was so bundled up, with my jacket, hood and scarf, you could only see my eyes, so I don’t know how they did it! The day was filled with so many personal touches, including heartfelt vows, hot chocolate wedding guest favours, and super heroes disguised as groomsmen. The reception was at the gorgeous museum, The Rooms. The party continued later at a local pub where all the out-of-towners (including myself) were “Screeched In” by Joannah’s hilarious Aunt Susan. It was such a great wedding, everyone had so much fun, and everyone looked beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with or a better wedding party to suffer through the cold with. They all made the day magical for this very cute couple. Enjoy your sneak peek!

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