Marianne and Jeremy Go To The Ball!!!

In November, Leigh, Marianne’s sister contacted me about doing a couples portrait of her sister and her brother in law, Jeremy. She knew that her sister had a special night coming up, the RMC Ball, that she had bought an incredible dress and that her birthday was coming as well, and so she gave her the photo shoot as a birthday present. What really made Leigh think that Marianne would love these pictures? Marianne and Jeremy didn’t have any nice pictures together because their wedding photographer was a no-show on their wedding! As a wedding photographer myself, I couldn’t wrap my brain around such a horrible ordeal for a bride and groom. What a nightmare! The pictures from your wedding are a very precious souvenir of one of the most wonderful days of your life, and I am always so honoured to be the one chosen to give a couple the gift of their memories captured forever. I couldn’t imagine robbing anyone of those memories.
When I met up with Marianne and Jeremy I was immediately struck by her beauty. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her blue sparkly gown and Jeremy looked so handsome in his new suit. We made our way around downtown and took pictures in all of the famous “picture” spots. Marianne was stopped at least 20 times and told how beautiful she looked and how lovely her dress was. I felt like I was with a celebrity. Marianne was glowing the whole time that I was with them, and Jeremy’s eyes were filled with pride as everyone raved about his stunning wife. It was a really fun time and we got some beautiful shots that Marianne said more than made up for not having wedding pictures. I’m so glad that I hopefully restored her faith in photographers and was able to give them the gift of memories captured forever.


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