Kingston Life Weddings 2012 – I’m featured!!

Kingston Life is a beautiful local magazine that features all the great things that Kingston has to offer. Each issue always has beautiful photos, interesting articles and really highlights Kingston with a very sophisticated flare. This year Kingston Life published its second edition of their Kingston Life Weddings issue, and just like other issues, it puts a special emphasis on all the Kingston has to offer to brides and grooms-to-be planning a wedding in near future, or further down the road. In the 2012 edition I was honoured to be featured along with four other fabulous photographers in a great article about engagement photos and how important the engagement shoot is to the photographer/client relationship. The photograph of mine that the art director, Wendy Treverton, chose is one of my all-time favourite photos that I’ve taken because it captured a really spontaneous moments between this really cute couple, Kathleen and Kevin. It was a rainy day and the three of us decided to tough it out, regardless of weather, and see what we’d end up with. During the shoot, the wind was so strong; their umbrellas blew inside out, and when that happened, they erupted into a fit of laughter, and it added so much humour to what could have been a miserable shoot. They were troopers and in the end, we got some really great shots of them, just being them. The engagement article is a very small part of this amazing wedding magazine. I love that this magazine is different from any other that you’ll find on the shelves today, because it features Kingston, and reminds everyone of everything that makes The Limestone City one of the most special cities imaginable. Anyone planning a wedding should pick up a copy of this magazine or it can be viewed online at the link below:

To check out the engagement article click on the picture below:


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