Amanda, Theo and Blair

This was my very last family shoot of the year, shot at the end of October in Lake Ontario Park. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I’m so thrilled that I finished up all my family shoots with this amazing family. Amanda and I sent several emails back and forth, and she knew exactly what type of pictures she wanted, candid, and natural pictures. Since Amanda, Theo and Blair are a really fun bunch, it was pretty easy to get some really sincere moments. I’m not used to photographing 10 year olds, so I was a little worried that Theo might be shy in front of the camera, especially with a stranger taking the pictures but he hammed it up every chance he got. He was even suggesting pictures that I could be taking. They all chased each other, and threw handful of leaves at each other, and Amanda and Theo even rolled down a huge hill. It’s was like they hardly noticed I was there with my camera so I was able to capture some really candid shots, of them just being them! Not only did I notice how fun they all were, I really saw that Theo is a very good boy, very respectful, and loving, and doesn’t seem at all like the typical 10 year old. You can tell right away that he’s been raised with lots of love. Again, I’m so honoured that I got to be the one to give this family the perfect souvenir of their life in 2011. Family portraits are something you can look back on and immediately you’ll be reminded of where you were and what was happening in your life at that time. And I know that Amanda, Theo and Blair will remember this wonderful afternoon that they spent together, just being in the moment, taking pleasure in each others company and appreciating all the love that is bursting at the seams of this family!

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