The Wannamaker and Kennedy Family

I’ve been posting a lot lately talking about how important I feel family photos are, and how they are the perfect souvenir of the year that has past, and the growth of a family. This shoot takes my ideas to the max!!!
Shane and I went to high school together, in what seems like a life time ago. I was so happy when I got his message asking me to take family photos for him. Shane and his wife LeighAnn, and their entire family who had travelled from all parts on Canada came together to celebrate Thanksgiving in Kingston. It was the perfect opportunity to get pictures of the whole family together, since a gathering like this rarely happens, (as you can imagine). There were great grandparents, and grandparents, and cousins and siblings and even a baby on the way, that all came together for a family portrait. We had the most amazing weather this year on Thanksgiving weekend, and the combination of the weather, the beautiful surroundings and this very loving family made me really think about what we all should be thankful for. Not the “things” that we have, but for those special people that we have in our lives that make us who we are, who we’re so fortunate to have, and who we couldn’t imagine our lives without.


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