The Belanger 2011 Family Portraits!

How many of you wish that you had more pictures of yourself as a kid, or more pictures of you growing up with your siblings, parents and other family members? My parents have a lot of pictures of my sister and me throughout the years, usually at a special occasion like a graduation, or a holiday such as Christmas, where, like, every other parent, they felt obligated to drag out the camera to capture this special moment, because it was a childhood milestone. I don’t have any pictures of my whole family in the same photo, because one of my parents was always the one behind the camera.
And where are all of those pictures now? They are in shoe boxes in my mother’s wall unit, unorganized, in no particular order, and definitely not labelled with the year or location, etc. My mom looks at the pictures and estimates how old my sister or I are in each photo. It’s a guessing game, and I wonder what will I do when she isn’t around to give me a vague, “guesstimation” of what was occurring in each one of the hundreds of pictures in all of those shoe boxes? Someday when I have about 500 extra hours on my hands, I will go through them all and try to organize them, try to label them, and try to properly archive them into albums. When that some day is? Well, that’s anyone guess….
Today, most of us have graduated into the technology of digital photography, where each photo is actually a file with a digital finger print that includes dates, times, and now, in some cases, even a GPS location, so we no longer have the issue of not knowing when a photo was taken. Now we struggle with all those photos sitting on our computers, hopefully filed with some kind of system in mind. They never get printed, and no one ever sees them, unless, of course, we post them on Facebook.
And, not because I’m a photographer and I’m in the business of capturing memories, I really believe that it’s important to get family portraits done annually, or as close to annually as you can get, so that the ever changing development of your family is documented forever. Not only will you have the photos to treasure for years to come, you also have that special time that you all took to come together to get those pictures taken and you’re left with the most amazing souvenir from that moment in time where everyone stopped their consistently busy lives and just enjoyed each others company and bonded as a family.
I’ve worked with the Belanger family for three years now, and have had the pleasure of watching Carol and Pete’s kids, Brittanny, Scott, Keefer, and Kian grow up right in front of my camera! I admire Carol’s determination to have family photos done each and every year, and I’m honoured that I’ve been the one chosen to document this family’s development throughout these years. Scott and Brittanny are at the age where it’s getting harder and harder to find a time where everyone is available to get together for this annual tradition, but each year, Carol some how does, it and I’m more than happy to be there to take those pictures for her that will someday become family heirlooms passed on through generations. I’m so appreciative of their loyalty, and can’t wait to do it all again next year! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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