Thea and Husayn are Married!!!

Thea and Husayn met while doing a mission with their Baha’i religion, and have spent most of their relationship on different continents, but on this day, their wedding day, they came together with their families and celebrated their new life as husband and wife. Both of their families travelled from so far away, Thea’s from China and Husayn’s from Bermuda, and so many other family members and friends came from all corners of earth to be part of this sweet couple’s perfect day. The Baha’i ceremony was beautiful, filled with poems and prayers, and songs sang and played by their family and friends. They didn’t have an “officiant”, but the ceremony still flowed perfectly. Thea and Husayn sat and listened and prayed while their loved ones blessed their new life together. Their own vows were only one line each, but were ponient and very touchy. The ceremony was very powerful despite it’s simplicity. Later, Thea and Husayn and their loved ones all enjoyed an dinner and danced the night away at The Radisson Thea and Husayn left the day after their big day to start their new life together in Bermuda. Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting me take part in your special day.


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